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english bulldogs photos

Hi!  My name is Mindy and would love to tell you a little about me! 


My love for photography began during college.  I took classes and explored but never pursued it as a career.  Instead, I decided to do something a little more practical, and let's face it....a guaranteed paycheck.  I took roles that allowed me to do what I do best, work with people.  As a full time job, I hold a senior role at a corporate office overseeing Customer Service across the nation.  While I enjoy what I do, it's not my passion.  After lots of experimenting, the search for my true passion ultimately led me back to photography. I love finding creativity in the mundane and being able to show them how I see them.  I fell in love with the creative process and how each individual shoot is completely different. Photography to me, is art.  I am also a Mom to three teen boys (Go Pirates!), have two adorable bulldogs (Biscuit and Gravy), and was born and raised in Texas (yep, Cowboy fan).

If you're looking for a photographer who puts the customer first in all aspects, loves all different kinds of styles, and who is laid back and easy to work with....let's chat!

About Me


Servicing anywhere in the U.S.

Tel: 919.637.2432

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